Meet Patrick Kelley, an automotive enthusiast and author with a passion for original automobile concept art. In his latest book, Imagine Too! Towards the Future, published by Dalton Watson Fine Books, he shares over 600 never-before-seen images of future automobiles from various art schools and major automotive companies. This captivating collection of drawings and paintings takes readers back to a time when creativity knew no bounds, dreams were encouraged, and restrictions were minimal. With contributions from over 130 artists, Imagine Too! is the perfect companion to Patrick’s earlier title, IMAGINE!

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A companion book to Patrick Kelley’s earlier “IMAGINE!,” which featured the drawings of a wide range of concept cars from the 1930s onwards, “IMAGINE too!” showcases a new crop of images, and artists, along with some familiar favorites. These incredible designs have been untouched and unseen since they were drawn and include a look into the future with, for example ideas for flying vehicles. Represented here is an important part of America. It is about American style and commerce that continues today with innovative automobile designs intended to drive sales and brand loyalty. The images published are absolute survivors. Up to 90% or more of all the drawings in the book never saw the light of day or literally never left the drawing board. These young designers never stopped dreaming…or Imagining.

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