Imagine too! Towards the Future


Whatever happened to flying cars? This question and more are explored in the sequel to the sold-out Imagine! Automobile Concept Art from the 1930s to the 1980s. Throughout this book, you will find eye-catching, futuristic concept art that has been gathered together over the last 20 years and now form part of The Kelley Collection. These images are rare survivors as the vast majority of vintage concept art has been destroyed through the decades. They illustrate the hard work of the men and women who drew and designed cars from their early days at art school and during their employment with the “Big Three” automobile manufacturers. While the original Imagine! covered all kinds of concept art, Imagine too! Towards the Future takes a focused look at the futuristic images created by these mid-century visionaries. As you look through this book, perhaps you will be inspired by these artists of the past to also dream big and help take our society into the sky.

  • Over 600 never-before-seen automobile concept images
  • Over 130 automobile artists represented
  • Flying cars – factory concepts that never ended up in showrooms
  • Follow-up book to “IMAGINE!”
  • Including concepts that are being designed for tomorrow
  • Featuring a collection of automobile concept toys, models and concept prototype sculptures
  • Foreword by GM’s Ed Welburn
  • Page Size 290mm x 219mm
  • 456 pages, with four fold-outs
  • Hard cover


About the Author

After a lifetime of fascination with all things automobile, Patrick Kelley shares his love for cars and art. About 20 years ago, he stumbled onto what would soon be a new passion, the collection of original automobile concept art by many of the finest designers and stylists working in and around Detroit. These were drawings and paintings of what future automobiles might look like. Patrick felt that the story of this futuristic work that came out of art schools across America and ultimately the ‘Big Three’ automobile companies had to be told.

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